More Than Just a Cleaning
More Than Just a Cleaning


The following services are available at Susan Smile Centre:


  • Complete periodontal evaluation
  • Teeth cleaning
  • preventive maintenance
  • Custom sportsguards
  • Take home and in-office whitening options
  • Professional oral hygiene instruction

Custom Sportsguard Clinics


If you have a sports team or event or tournament we travel to your location, set up a table and take custom impressions and fabricate high quality cutom sportguards on site with same day pick up. This convenient service eliminates mutiple visits to the dentist to get your custom sportsguard where you need it when you need it. Just call for details.


Teeth Whitening 


We offer teeth whitening options to fit any busy schedule whether you prefer a do it yourself approach or a same day result. Both options are safe and closely monitored by a professional to ensure the best results.  

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